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Imagine making a difference by bringing light where darkness seems to reign. This is happening today in eastern Myanmar.  On Giving Tuesday 2022, we invite you to help us prepare to make an even bigger impact.

In eastern Shan State, Myanmar, problems of deep poverty existed long before the COVID-19 pandemic came. As a major illegal drug producing area as well being a major source of human trafficking, impoverished families in Shan State have been devastated and abused for many years. Fear, drug addiction and violence abound.  Not only this, in February 2021, the Myanmar military junta initiated a coup.  Thousands of peaceful protesters have been imprisoned and many have been tortured or killed.  

Despite this darkness, the light of Jesus Christ is shining, bringing a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11). God is at work through the ministry of our partners (Uncountable Grace) who actively reach the lost in the hills of Shan State. Trafficked children are being rescued, the Good News Jesus Christ is being received, church planting is happening, and communities are being transformed for God’s glory.  This is our ministry in partnership with S&A in Shan State.  How can you help?

As part of our Gospel-centred ministry, we provide refuge and education for 25 vulnerable children in the Uncountable Grace home.  These children are also helping change lives even now in the homes they came from (read Niki’s One Bag of Rice story here). Seventy-five ($75) provides full refuge, including: food, housing, clothing and education for one child for half of one month, all under godly leadership.  Without this provision, these children could be at high risk of human trafficking or being forced to become child soldiers. The life change opportunity is great, but we can’t do it alone.  Our goad for GIVING TUESDAY’s campaign is to see 4 of these children fully supported for one year ($7,200).   Please consider donating monthly!