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A Coup and Covid-19

In this tumultuous time of a military coup on top of Covid-19 taking the world by storm, I am reminded of the time, in Matthew 14, when Jesus walked on water to his disciples.  The disciples had left in a boat ahead of Jesus.  The waves were big because the wind had come up.  When Jesus approached the disciples, they thought he was a ghost until Jesus said, “Take courage!  It is I.  Don’t be afraid.”

Yet, our ministry partner in Myanmar tells us there is a lot of fear in the people in his country.  Democratic elections had given them much hope over the last couple years and, since everyone can remember living under harsh military rule, the people are again fearful.  There are many unknowns as worldwide governments respond to this.  Will we be able to keep getting funds there?  Can we keep in touch with our leaders?  Will they all be safe?  How will life change?

Please pray for our competent and trustworthy ministry partners.  Pray for them to experience God’s peace that passes all understanding and not fear, to keep their eyes on Jesus, our living hope, as they bring comfort and hope to those around them.