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A Grandmother’s Dying Wish

About six years ago, my sisters and I flew from Manitoba to Utah to visit my grandma. This was an extra special visit because she was turning 90 years old! All her children, their spouses and 7 of the 9 grandchildren were able to be there. When the cake was brought out, she exclaimed, “I’ve waited a long time for this!” We all laughed. I guess she had.

A year later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and I again went to spend time with her. I asked her what she was looking forward to when she got to heaven. She said, “I will be able to run without my knees hurting and I will be able to see well again.” We talked about her life, the things she was delighted about, the things she may have done differently and her wishes.

There is a sense of poignancy to a dying grandmother’s wish. Meet a sweet great-grandmother in Myanmar who’s dying wish is to see her grandson, Kent,* lovingly cared for his whole life.

Kent’s parents both died and there were no other close relatives so he went to live with his great-grandmother. Eventually, she could not work to care for her grandson and it was a struggle to get enough food for him. After all, she was 80 years old now and didn’t even have her own place to live. They moved in with other relatives but she needed to know that her grandson would be cared for before she died.

When Steve,* our local GNI leader, learned about this woman and her plight, he agreed to take Kent to live with him. With a smile and a grateful heart, she said she could now die in peace.

*Names changed to protect identity.