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A Ministry Born out of of the Furnace of Affliction

No doubt the funeral costs were high for the Limen family, who had little financial means of their own.   Willi & Elvie’s eleven-year-old son Derek had fallen into a river and drowned in its swift current.  They found Derek’s body after 40 hours of praying with friends in the Body of Christ.  The Limens say that “The early recovery of his body was a testimony to many unbelievers who told us to make some rituals to find his body, that our GOD is greater and mightier than the  spirits they feared as the owner of the river.”

News like this can crush faith.  Some become bitter and blame God.  Even in grief, however, Willi & Elvie Limen chose to bless God and not curse.

When they received a surprise gift of cash, the Limens decided not to use it for their own purposes. Rather, they invested it as “seed money” and started a whole new ministry “Fourth Man Eagle Ministries.”  From this investment, they are gaining many spiritual children.   Fourth Man Eagle Ministries is located on the outskirts of Davao, the Philippines, reaching out to the poorest of the poor.   Children are being helped. People are turning to Christ.  Church planting is underway.  We look forward to seeing a full partnership develop with this worthwhile frontline Christian ministry.  For God’s glory.

In October 2014, after suffering with kidney disease, Willi Limen passed away.  This was a heavy blow, but the ministry continues today.    Elvi and adult children Hannah and Luke are carrying on the dream to make a difference in society and to win the poor & oppressed on Mindanao Island to Christ.