Good News International Ministries (GNIM) is a registered Canadian charity (BN/registration number: 139942130RR0001).  As such, it is capable of granting legal charitable donation receipts in Canada.  Since its formation in 1989, GNI Ministries’ charter uniquely allows it to minister among the poor-and-oppressed in virtually any third-world region, as well as in Canada.


Jim Sawatsky and Kinshasa TrioGNIM was founded in 1989 by a Canadian Christian & Missionary Alliance missionary named Jim Sawatsky.  Jim and his leadership team formed GNIM to be trans-denominational in scope and able to minister in any third-world context. From the outset this charity found unique and practical ways to help broadcast the Good News of Jesus Christ. Its original field was primarily based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa (where Jim had many years of experience in mission). Its method was utilizing music-media ministry as a vehicle to help propel the gospel message while reaching out to the poor and oppressed. Jim Sawatsky and GNIM made a definitive impact for God’s glory in Africa. The Christian music studios and the Elikia orphanage project in the DRC are still in operation today and are locally led.


With Jim Sawatsky and his long-term co-workers in retirement, a new team formed to take over leadership of GNI Ministries.  The baton was handed over in November 2013, with Rob Griffioen as president and a new board of directors taking lead.  Going into a full restart, the outreach focus is now on South East Asia.  GNI Ministries brings the Good News of Jesus Christ to the poor and oppressed in a variety of ways (including compassion ministry and proclamation of the gospel through various means).  COUNTERING human trafficking in South East Asia is our current field of ministry.  Our primary purpose is to equip indigenous leadership to be the front-runners in this cause. 

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