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Amanda and James in Thailand

The beginning of December was the long-awaited day for James and Amanda and their boys. They were finally on their way to Thailand! The excitement was palpable as they shared a picture of their arriving in the Thailand airport.

Everyone has adjusted well as their first month was filled with paperwork, preparing their home, buying a vehicle and getting to know their ministry partners at Community Blessing Foundation and all the kids at House of Blessing. The boys love to play with the their new friends, look after the chickens and see the new piglets.

James is busy being the handyman on the property and trying to learn Thai. Amanda feels at home and is thrilled to be doing the ministry she has dreamed of for so long. James and Amanda so easily engage with those around them and bring much joy and support to the ministry.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for them as they adapt to a new culture, learn to speak Thai and engage in the ministry.