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This group of schoolchildren is only a segment of the 100 we have been able to support.

Backpacks for Kids

When we returned from our spring 2015 trip to the Philippines and Thailand, we sensed God was calling us to jump in and connect with the backpack project.  In faith, we asked God to help us fill 100 back packs, providing school supplies and two months of educational assistance for the same number of children.  We can share that God filled all 100 backpacks!   For those of you who may have missed it, please read below.  Since this campaign started, we have at least 13 more children needing help, so we’re leaving the donate link below active.   Thank you to all who participated in this program!  May God’s blessing be huge upon your lives.


Impossible?  Really?  But nothing is impossible when we put our trust in God!!!   We have three growing ministries in the Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar.  We have several others waiting on deck for support from GNI Ministries.   This is clearly impossible for us to do on our own.

In ever increasing measure one thing we do is to help improve the lives of children by enabling them go to school.  This month, our special project request is to help fill the back packs for some 100 children in the Philippines. Pray with us for this miracle!  $50.00 will buy one back pack full of all their needed school supplies, as well as household and food items for their families.

Our partner in Davao, Fourth Man Eagle Ministries, is reaching out to the poorest of the poor, providing assistance to get them into school, providing medical and dental insurance, and best of all reaching the entire family with the good news of Jesus Christ. In each of the villages where these kids live, they have a pastor connected into this program. It is so amazing to see everyone working together to help their own people! We love the JOY and the Unity in which they are working together!!

Please pray with us for Fourth Man Eagle Ministries. This ministry is growing so fast, and great fruit has already come from it!  Whole families are being impacted through the assistance we are sending.  We are trusting God for a miracle!

Blessings in Jesus,
Rob & Judy


(Pictured above: Judy, with 11-year-old Leo, one of the children in the FMEMI program.  Leo comes from a broken home where he was being raised by his impoverished grandmother.  Now, Elvi, the leader of FMEMI has taken Leo in.  With your help, he will able to go to school.  Leo is full of life and wants to become a pastor one day.)