Christmas: A Time for Ministry and Training

In the Philippines, Christmas is a time for ministering to the elderly, widows and sick in the community.  One morning, adults and youth were grouped into teams and given assignments as to whom they would visit, share the Word, pray for and give gifts to.  What a brilliant opportunity of both sharing God’s love but also training God’s people, adults and youth alike, to reach out to others, share the Word and minister in prayer.  What joy God’s people have experienced by making themselves available to do God’s work!  We have much to learn from our brothers and sisters around the world as they daily live their faith and take advantage of opportunities all around them.

FME workers have been encouraged by an elderly person who accepted Christ as their Saviour during these times of outreach, before they died.  Another cause for celebration was an amputee who, after receiving prayer and gifts, wants to have a Bible study, attend church and serve the Lord.  These are the things that encourage FME workers to continue in their ministry, especially in areas of great risk.  Pray against discouragement for our workers and pray God continues to bring in the harvest and disciple new believers.

Below are pictures of the teams going to the houses to pray, evangelize and give gifts.


In the afternoon, they held a children’s outreach where they fed 70 children, shared Bible stories and handed out food to the poor in the community.  The looks on the FME (Fourth Man Eagle) workers’ faces show that it is truly blessed to give.  Gratefulness shows in the smiles of the recipients’ faces!  May many come to know the love of God!

Below are the pictures of sharing a Bible story with the children and giving gifts to the poor.


The BTC (Banarao Temple of Christ) Church also had a Christmas service, lunch, fellowship and time of giving gifts to the locals.  The church might be small but they are mighty!