Equipping the Body of Christ

By observing the worldwide church, I can see that the youth and children are indeed the church of TODAY!  While Jesus was on this earth, he welcomed the children to come to him and told his disciples not to hinder them.  He said that greatest in the kingdom of God were the children and those like them who came trusting and unpretentious.  Because Jesus went to heaven, he sent the Holy Spirit so that ALL Christians would have power to do great things in the kingdom of God.

To this end, the leadership of Fourth Man Eagle in the Philippines, has seen the need to equip the youth of their two outreach churches, BTC and RTC, on how to share the Word of God.  It is these youth who are assisting the workers in the church in children’s ministry.  For some youth, this training was a review of what they had learned in the past but to most of the youth, they said it was a big help so they now know how to reach their neighbours.  And so the youth are sent out to spread the Good News!

FME leaders have also initiated events to train their staff and volunteers on how to hear God’s voice.  They have taken part in events for prayer warriors to come together and pray for the revival of Asia.  Many praise songs are sung as God’s people come together to worship God, who is alive and at work today.  FME has been delighted  to assist other groups in local mission trips to reach others in their corner of the world.  Building relationships with other like-minded believers is important.  No believer is supposed to walk alone.  Pray for them during unstable times and pray that those of other faiths will be open to hearing about God.