Flashflooding after Typhoon Vinta

Are you tempted to despair in times of trial?  When a natural disaster hits, are you overwhelmed and wonder what difference you could make?

This was a real life scenario for our partners in the Philippines when there was flashflooding along the Davao River after Typhoon Vinta on December 22, 2017.  The church at the riverside, RTC, was affected with parts of the church and the roof being destroyed.  The house of one of their church leaders was completely swept away and many in the community were affected as well.  Rather than allowing discouragement to affect the team, a choice was made to act in love and hope.

Immediately, on the evening of the flooding, they bought rice to cook and distribute, as well as some canned goods and noodles to meet the needs of the members and the elderly to whom they had reached out to earlier in the month.  The Lord granted FME favour with the local leaders and the door was opened at the evacuation site for FME to hold a Sunday church service and spiritually reach out to the victims.  FME led games and provided food-both physical and spiritual.  Glory to God!  Afterwards, a local leader thanked FME for being the first to extend help and conduct the Sunday service.  God continues to give FME opportunities to plant seeds of kindness and share God’s Word as they relate to the leader and others in the community.  Pray that people will respond to the gospel and that God will continue to grant favour with the local leaders.

FME also continues to partner with a local humanitarian organisation that has committed to gather food for a year for victims of the flood outside of the main city.