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The Poor Soar to New Heights in the Southern Philippines

Elvie teachingIn 2011, Fourth Man Eagle Ministries started with a simple vision–to reach out to the poorest of the poor. There is plenty of need there and plenty of opportunity to help change lives.  It started with just a few children and their families; now it is growing rapidly. This year, the dream is to help 40 children and their families, next year 80, and by 2016, 120 children and their families.  We were blessed to have played a small part in helping Fourth Man Eagle Ministries get started.  We hope to do more-much more!  By engaging the needs of impoverished people in Davao and discipling them in the ways of Christ,  FME is already making a big impact in their town and in their region.  Just recently, they baptized a good number of new believers.   We believe God is blessing this ministry and that, through generous donors,  He will provide the resources to help FMEM minister the Good News of Jesus Christ to many children and their families.  This is again a great Fourth Man Eagle Collageopportunity for donors in Canada who especially have a burden for helping the impoverished in the Philippines.  Won’t you pray about investing with us?  For more info, you can link to the FMEM Facebook site here: Fourth Man

Elvie teaching