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Furthering the Kingdom in the Philippines

It has been said that while we all look forward to feasts, there are a lot of bologna sandwiches that need to be eaten in between feasts. Fourth Man Eagle has remained steady in their ongoing ministries (sandwiches) and has been able to have a few new endeavours (feasts).

The Life Centers (churches) are conducting their own weekly leadership training sessions. These leaders then help with care groups and children outreaches. It is exciting to hear that 4 youth from one church are faithful volunteer workers.

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FME supports many students with their education and has opportunity to conduct Bible studies with these children. They also have a weekly care group for the youth in general in the community at RTC and BTC (churches). On top of this, once a month each church has a family day where families of education beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries alike gather to celebrate the Lord’s Day and teach family values. Hope is restored to people as FME extends the love of God in word and action.

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A special opportunity was given when one of FME’s intern’s father died. FME was invited to minister to the family and community during the wake and internment service. They were able to share the gospel and pray for deliverance for those in bondage.

God has been at work in a variety of other ways in furthering His Kingdom. Firstly, food and gifts were distributed to the sick and elderly during the prayer evangelism.

Secondly, relief of poverty has been a goal as FME teaches and works with locals to start their own small business, raise pigs or take part in rice cooperatives. FME gives the individuals the money to start out and the individuals pay it back so that others can then start their own business. It is hard for locals to overcome their fears of not being able to repay the loan, especially due to effects of earthquakes or typhoons and, therefore, the lack of food to feed pigs. FME has been happy to work with people in these circumstances to work through these events to make it a positive experience for those who have signed up for the program. FME is working to help potential newcomers overcome their fear of losing the capital, their lack of self-confidence and their conceived limitations. They are learning about self-empowerment, self-sufficiency and the dignity of labor. Please pray for those who start this endeavor of self-sufficiency.

Thirdly, thanks to the generous donation of a VBS group in Manitoba, FME has been able to organize a basketball team among the youth.  This was also instrumental in reaching out to pre-believers.  In addition to FME organizing a team, their adopted partner church nearby was also able to reach out to the youth in the community to start a basketball team and ministry.  The majority of these youth are not members of the church and they also attend a weekly Bible study session with the pastor of the church.  The pastor and his wife of this partner church are also FME board members.

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Please continue to pray for the FME staff that their hearts and minds will continue to be focused on Jesus and that His grace will sustain them as they continue in faith and with joy in the work.