Under normal circumstances, we would be delighted to talk to you about hosting short term teams in Thailand.  However, this needs to be on hold until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides enough for safe travel to recommence.  However, it never hurts to dream about the future!  Contact us with your  questions any time at info@gnimininistries.ca


Here are some ways you can STILL get involved:
• Interceding in prayer for our ministry partners and the people they minister to.
• Supplying Bibles and biblical resources in the heart language of the people.
• Sponsoring the poorest of the poor to be able to go to school.
• Providing solar power and clean water in places that are without.
• Clothing those who are without adequate clothing.
• Supporting the causes of justice for those who are real victims.
• Volunteering with partner ministries involved in the prevention, intervention (rescue) or aftercare of victims of human trafficking and other forms of human exploitation.

For those who would like an opportunity to get onboard at the core of decision-making, GNI operates on a “Society” membership level.  Society members meet annually to learn about vision and budgeting, etc.  The board of directors are selected and affirmed at our Annual General Meeting (usually held in early fall) by the Society.  If you are interested in joining our society, please email us at info@gniministries.ca.

Stay well!  May the LORD bless you and keep you in His love!