Giving Thanks!

School in Canada has begun and with it seems to come the start of cold and flu season. This seems to be common around the world as Steve* has shared that the seasonal flu has been racing around Myanmar for the last couple months.

Many adults and children alike have been hospitalized in his area and the children in his house have also been sick. However, Steve praises God that his children have not been sick longer than 24 hours and none of them have had to be hospitalised. He credits this to the children thanking God who is caring for them, protecting them and providing everything that is needed for their daily life.

There is power in giving thanks for it is then that God is often able to work. Perhaps it’s because our spirits are open to Him and we have let go of trying it on our own. We’ve let our minds focus on things above and not on earthly things (Colossians 3:2) so that we can hear what God is trying to say to us and accomplish in us.

Let the little children lead us in speaking to our God every day and giving thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!!

*Names have been changed for protection.