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God’s Glory in Burning Bushes

Imagine shepherding a flock of sheep in the desert. It’s high noon and the sun is beating down on you. You pause to wipe the sweat from your forehead and as you do, you see a burning bush in the distance. The curious thing is that the bush is not being consumed. You wipe your eyes and look again. You consider this phenomenon and consider moving the flock away but curiosity has gotten the better of you and you move towards the bush.

As you are within a few feet of the bush, God speaks, telling you to take off your sandals because you are standing on holy ground. You comply and then hide your face in reverence and awe as God identifies himself. Finally, God reveals His plans to you. (Exodus 3:1-6)

This new year, may we all be curious and watch for God, being completely enamoured with His glory. Let us take time to turn aside and humbly kneel before God to receive His instructions for us and then act in reverent obedience.

Good News International thanks you for walking with us this past year, through the trials and triumphs, and appreciates your prayers for God to lead us in the way we should go in this coming year.

Happy New Year!