Good News for Troubled Times

Our partner Steve* (name changed for protection) is deeply grateful for all who pray for him and his ministry in the volatile opium-producing hills of eastern Shan State, Myanmar (Burma).  We recently received an update from him regarding his latest evangelistic foray to a village far from his home. 

While is was still considered safe to do so, on a recent outreach trip he had discovered an unreached village in the Shan State hills (we call “K” village). He met with the headman and received an open invitation to come back and tell them about Jesus.  Steve* wanted to get back quickly as COVID-19 is presently on the rise in Myanmar.  Although it has mainly been affecting the western states and districts, the government is again closing schools and shutting down cities in many regions of the country. 

Steve* assembled a team of seven men and they headed off to bring the Good News to “K” village.  Several are his apprentices and others are mature followers of Jesus from his church.   They travelled through muck, crossed swollen streams and made the trek of hundreds of kilometres safe and sound. 

On the trail to K village

Here is what Steve reported:

  • When the team arrived they were welcomed into the animistic village by the headman.  
  • *Steve was able to share the whole gospel story two full times with the villagers.  He said:
    • “I preached the full gospel. I preached about creation, the fall of man, the Saviour being born, Jesus dying on the cross to pay the penalty of our sins; Jesus risen from the dead and being taken to heaven; and that he will come to take all who believe in him one day.

*Steve’s team was forced to leave as opposition from some outside influencers arose; nonetheless, he is happy that they were able to preach the clear and full gospel message to these dear people.  Once the pandemic is over, he hopes to return to baptize those who believe in Jesus and help strengthen them in the faith. Even though there was resistance, our prayer is that these people turn from animism to fully follow Jesus.

Please pray for “K’ village, as well as *Steve and *April’s entire ministry of UNCOUNTABLE GRACE. We provide refuge and education for 24 vulnerable children in their care.   Pray for health and safety of all and protection from the pandemic, but most of all that God will bless them and their amazing ministry in huge ways. This ministry is still less than half supported.

We need another $2500 per month to meet their needs.  If you would like to partner with the UNCOUNTABLE GRACE ministry to the poor and oppressed in Shan State, please click this link A FUTURE AND A HOPE FOR SHAN STATE or send a cheque to GNI Ministries (see address below). In Myanmar believers in Jesus love to bless people by saying “Piya-da-kein kaun-zyi-beh-bah-seh.” May God bless you!

– Robert Griffioen