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House of Blessing: Continued Growth and Blessings from Jan-March

Amber moved to House of Blessing in mid-January and is loving her time there.  She feels at home and it feels natural for her to share the gospel and speak in Thai all day long.

Julie reports that 3 teams from GNIM visited HOB and they were so appreciative for this opportunity.  She says, “We would like to say thank you for Bruce & Marianne Konrad and Ruth Maxwell, Janzen family and team from Manitoba. God is using the body of Christ to encourage one another. Thank you for loving us and being a good example of Jesus to us.  The kids in HOB are very happy with team. The kids also serving God more and more. They are learning to put God first in their life and even when they are very busy, they never miss their daily time with God.”

Children’s leadership training events continue to be a focus for HOB as they lead events once a month.  These are important times of teaching God’s word and encouraging leaders of children’s clubs who are discouraged.  Staff at HOB also continue to get training for themselves as they learn counselling skills and network with other NGOs.

God continues to grow His kingdom by having more children added and strengthening the current believers.  When the children pray, God reveals himself to them and they learn to know God in their mind and spirit.  Josh, Julie and Amber are equipping the kids to serve the Lord with their spiritual gifts to build up the body of Christ.  They are taught and then given time to practice.  For example, they have prayed for people who have been healed immediately.  In another example, they continue to visit, encourage and pray over a man, believing that God will restore his sight.

The children at the HOB have also learned about reconciliation.  They have walked in obedience when God gave them an opportunity to repent of their weaknesses.  Children walked to other children to confess, apologize and receive words of forgiveness.  This has allowed God to heal pain and bring freedom and peace to the family at HOB.

The end of another school year came at the end of March.  Moses, who is 16, did not have the opportunity of going to school before coming to HOB.  Therefore, he just finished grade 6 and is now allowed to take informal education.  He will continue his education at HOB, learning English, computer and more but he is also now part of the HOB staff as he takes care of the boys in the home.  Pray for him as he learns to be a leader.

All the other children have started a new school year in mid-May.  Many of these children also enjoy learning to play the drums, piano or guitar as they lead worship.

Supporters like you, make it possible for HOB to retire their old and dirty thin mattresses and purchase new mattresses and bedding.  Fans have been purchased to survive the summertime heat.  Office needs, such as a laptop and filing cabinet, have also been purchased.

The 20 children at HOB are being well-cared for.  Did you know that the neighborhood children are also finding a safe place at HOB?  Many of their parents are busy working long days or ignore their children.  These children, under 10 years of age, know they can come play with the HOB kids and learn about God.  They are sometimes fed but their hearts are always encouraged as they are no longer lonely.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.  They are making a difference!