Impossibility is God’s Reality: God at work in the Philippines


I recently heard Big Daddy Weave’s song “Jesus I Believe” and one line stuck out to me.  It said, “God, even the impossible is your reality.”  Wow!  Impossibility is God’s reality!  What if we all lived like we believed that?!

Like the story of the healing of the boy with an evil spirit in Mark 9.  Verse 22 has the father asking Jesus, “But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.”  What does Jesus reply?  “‘If you can’?” said Jesus.  “Everything is possible for him who believes.”  The story continues, “Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”  And so, Jesus commanded the evil spirit out of the boy and healed him.  The impossible was God’s reality!

Our partners in the Philippines are finding themselves in an “impossible” situation.  Funds are low this month and yet, in faith, the Limens (Fourth Man Eagle Ministries in the Philippines) are trusting God to bring in the funds to fix their vehicle, provide over 100 school backpacks and finances to run Boot Camp in April.  God is honoring the Limens by helping them reap a great harvest in the troubled areas in the Philippines so the word “impossible” doesn’t even scare them.

So, GNI is joining with the Limens in praying for a God-size miracle in a number of ways:

  1. Fix their vehicle so they can continue to spread the gospel.
  2. Fill at least 100 backpacks in the Back-2-School Backpack (B2SB) Project.  B2SB is one way that Fourth Man Eagle (FME) holistically assists poor students in their education until they finish Senior High. The backpacks are to be given to students of selected poverty-stricken communities.  Each backpack is filled with rice, canned goods and the basic school supplies children need.  Families are being taught the value of education and working for an income instead of being caught up in the drug world.  The gospel is shared and lives are being changed.  Just $50 supplies one student with a backpack.  You can donate online on the GNI homepage or click the button next to that to download a form to mail in a donation.
  3. For Boot Camp on April 9-13.  Although people are in very difficult situations, FME wants them to know that God loves them.  They have a week of fun and learning as they train younger generations to be God’s army, to obey God and know Him so they can be leaders.  So, pray for this 4th annual Boot Camp that many will come, that they will grow in their faith, and go home to continue walking with God.
  4. For more monthly supporters for the Fourth Man Eagle Ministry.
  5. For God to open doors for Hannah Limen (far right in picture above) to come to Canada to share her story in some of the churches across Canada.  We are praying for God to raise up a champion and advocate to promote Fourth Man Eagle’s ministry here in Canada!