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Janzen Family Returns to Thailand

Terry and Jen Janzen and their 3 children are returning to Thailand from March 18-April 2. I had a chance to interview them and here is the first of two entries:

Traci: Why are you going back? 

Jen: All five of us sensed as soon as we left the first time that God had more for us in some capacity with the House of Blessing in the future.  We always knew that we wanted to come back and see everyone and they have all expressed that they want us to come back too. We believe now is the time that God has called us to go back. The House of Blessing has moved to a new property since the last time we were there.  As time has gone on and their ministry has evolved there are new needs that we are excited to partner with them in and try and help meet.

Traci: What did God show you last time? 

Jen: God showed us how He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask for or imagine according to His power that is at work in us!  We were blown away by how powerfully God worked through us, and for us, and all around us while we were there! He is faithful and mighty to answer prayer and work on behalf of the people He loves so much in Thailand. He wants wants to set captives free!

Traci: What do you hope to learn this time?

Jen: My hope is to be able to love on the kids and be led by the Holy Spirit’s insight and power in all situations. Ready to jump in where He leads for His glory. It’s in these moments where we get to know God more and more intimately. And we understand His heart for us and others. Our family also hopes to gain a clearer picture of what God may have planned for our family with regards to our future with the House of Blessing and GNI Ministries. We are open to whatever God calls us into.