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Janzen Family’s Hopes for Thailand Trip

Here is our second instalment of the interview with Jen Janzen talking about her family’s hopes for their upcoming trip to Thailand March 18-April 2.

Traci: What breaks your hearts for House of Blessing and their ministries? 

Jen: My heart is so full of awe and gratitude at how well the kids at the House of Blessing are doing.  They are safe from exploitation and are experiencing joy and freedom through the power of Jesus!  But it breaks my heart knowing that there are other children out there that desperately need to be rescued.  And that there are many children in the villages that we visited last year who carry so much pain. I praise God for how He has positioned the House of Blessing to be able to try and meet and minister to these needs. And I am excited as I watch this ministry expand and evolve to help more kids in the future. It gives me hope.

Traci: What do you look forward to seeing or doing once you are in Thailand again?

Jen: We can’t wait to see the kids at the House of Blessing and give them a huge hug! We look forward to spending time with them, playing with them, and loving on them! Terry and I look forward to seeing Josh and Julie again and being able to continue encouraging each other where we left off last year. And to bring encouragement and fellowship from home to Amber, James, and Amanda. We have lots of things planned that we are excited for including joining the House of Blessing in several kid’s club village outreaches, following the Holy Spirit as He leads us to minister in some needy neighbourhoods praying for healing for people, practical hands-on help around the new property, and so much more!

Traci: How can people best pray for you and your family as you go back?

Jen: We would love people to pray that God would work powerfully on this trip for His good purposes and for His glory! For Him to again do even more than what we ask for or imagine for this trip.  Pray that no plan of the enemy will stand in the way, that we stay safe there and safe as we travel.  And for us to all remain healthy.  Thank you!