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Janzens in Thailand

Guest writer, Jen Janzen, shares her family’s experiences while in Thailand:

In March of 2018, my husband, Terry, and I (Jen) along with our 9, 11, and 13-year-old children, went to visit the House of Blessing. Our kids became pen pals with some of the children over the past year and we spent time praying for them as a family. We were so excited when God started opening doors and calling us out to visit the House of Blessing in person! He had plans and a purpose for our trip and we are humbled and so grateful to Him for letting us be a part of what He is doing in Northern Thailand!

The House of Blessing is a testimony of God’s love and power and redemption! These children, many who have faced great hurt and hardship in life, are growing and thriving by the power of Jesus! We joined them for an amazing evening of worship one night and as the kids were singing their hearts out to God they all naturally progressed to full out dancing! I noticed one of the lines from the song we were singing happened to be: “Songs that bring your hope, Songs that bring your joy, Dancers who dance upon injustice”! To me it was a powerful and prophetic moment as these words rang out. Such a profound picture of Jesus stepping into the injustice that these kids have faced and now they are literally dancing upon it because of Him!

Some of the highlights from our trip included coming alongside the House of Blessing on two different kids club village outreaches. The House of Blessing kids are fully engaged and lead much of these outreaches! They spoke and shared testimonies along with my own kids. We played games, handed out care packages, and the gospel was shared! A whole bunch of kids came up after the message to say they wanted Jesus! My family and I along with Josh, Julie, Amber, and the House of Blessing kids prayed with many people that day. Many parents and adults from the village stayed and listened to what was being shared, too! Terry, Julie, and I prayed with several different men who wanted to know more about who Jesus is. We prayed for children who were having evil spirits visit them at night and in their dreams. But God has intervened in more than one of these children’s lives and their oppression has stopped! The kids are now starting to see Jesus intervene when the spirits come. They are being taught that if they call on the name of Jesus the demons will flee. The Holy Spirit has broken into this village and things are changing by His power! During the other village outreach we went on with the House of Blessing there again were kids who made new decisions to follow Jesus, including one child who had only been visiting in this village for 2 days! He was smiling radiantly with light and new life as he shared with us his decision to follow Jesus! There is great need and the harvest is ripe!



One night, Terry and I went out with Josh and Julie and they shared with us how they would love for the House of Blessing kids to become more familiar with their spiritual giftings and for them to be able to use them even more, including the gift of healing. Later that night, God lead us to gather the children around Terry who had a painful seized shoulder. The children lay hands on Terry and he was immediately healed! After 4 months of pain and not being able to lift his arm higher than his shoulder, he was holding his arm straight up in the air crying out in thanks to Jesus! In our prayer time that night with the House of Blessing kids, 3 other kids were healed of physical ailments and one other person had a powerful personal breakthrough! Praise God!



Terry preached at church on Sunday and I shared my testimony. God spoke through us to bring further healing and breakthrough for some people. Praise our amazing God who brings redemption out of brokenness and then multiplies this healing for others! These are just some of the stories from our visit!

My entire family has been profoundly impacted by the ministry Josh, Julie, Amber, and the rest of the team are running with the House of Blessing. They are providing a vital safe home for these vulnerable children while at the same time loving them, nurturing them, and discipling them as they become transformed followers of Jesus! And the kids are now in turn impacting and influencing the surrounding neighbourhoods and villages for Jesus! My family and I fell in love with each one of these kids. We thoroughly enjoyed playing games and sports with them, cooking with them, helping them learn some English, praying and sharing with them, and spending time just loving on them and getting to know them all better. In a short time we formed strong bonds with them and all 5 of us left there sensing that it wasn’t simply the end of our visit but rather the beginning of something greater. We will continue to pray into that and we look forward to the day we can come back! In the meantime, we will try to spread the word about this ministry and pray that they get all the financial support that they still need. God has amazing plans for the House of Blessing!

With Gratitude and Love in Christ,
Jen and Terry Janzen
And our kids who went by Thai names- “A” (Everet- 13), “Rose” (Rosalyn- 11). and “Joy” (Moira- 9)