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Meet Michael from Uncountable Grace

Uncountable Grace is our ministry in Myanmar. Steve* and April* are our ministry leaders and have taken in 20 children who were at-risk and in vulnerable situations. Once a week we will run a series of articles, introducing these children to you and ask you to pray for them.

Michael* is 12 years old and going into grade 6.  Before he came to Steve* and April* in 2018, he was living with his aunt.  Before Michael was born, his father ran away and they never heard where he went.  When his mom gave birth to Michael, she gave him to her sister and then she married another man.  When Steve met Michael’s aunt, she asked Steve to take Michael as she only had enough for daily food but no longer enough for Michael’s education.  Most of his family works in the opium fields without any hope for the future.  Michael is a good boy with a humble heart who wants to study.  When he grows up, he wants to be a pastor.

*Names are changed for protection