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Meet Nancy and Cheryl from Uncountable Grace

Nancy* is 10 and her sister, Cheryl*, is 8.  They had not had the opportunity to go to school before coming to Steve* and April’s*.  Their family lives in the jungle, the only people in the area since, many years ago, the other villagers had all run away due to the terrorists and various tribal groups fighting against each other.  Both parents are addicted to drugs, unable to care for their six children who often dig roots in order to feed themselves.  When Steve met the parents, they gave him Nancy and Cheryl, while keeping four of their children.  Nancy and Cheryl are interested in studying and they particularly enjoy learning the Sunday School action songs!

*Names are changed for protection. You will also notice a difference in expression on the faces of the children from their photo from a year ago to their photo from this Spring in front of the flowers. What a difference our God makes as He transforms His children!