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New Staff at House of Blessing

House of Blessing was in need of more caregivers for the children and at that exact moment, God provided John and Ann. They are a Thai couple, with two young girls, who have had experience as caregivers with another anti-trafficking organization that HOB is well connected with. Their “children” have all graduated out of the home with the other organization so John and Ann were now available to help elsewhere.

They already have a relationship with Josh and Julie and the rest of the HOB staff are excited to have them on staff now. They come with caregiver experience and have Bible school training so they can also disciple the children at House of Blessing. John also has some agriculture experience so he can help James with the garden and animals, helping House of Blessing to become more self-sustaining. John and James will be able to work together on many other projects around the property as well.

With so many children to care for, it is great to have another couple to love on these kids, look after kids who are sick, listen to the kids’ stories and point them to God.

Welcome, John and Ann!