International Partners

GNI Ministries forms lasting partnerships with front-line indigenous-led ministries that show much promise in helping to reach the poor and oppressed in third-world regions for God’s glory. These partnerships are supported through the financial investment of God’s people in Canada and elsewhere.  We humbly lay these indigenous-led partnerships before our Lord Jesus Christ and seek his wisdom in where best to invest the resources he supplies.  We are called to bring the Good News to the poor & oppressed.  We look forward to having many joyful opportunities in seeing this happen, for God’s glory!  Click on these links to learn more about how God is moving in South-East Asia through GNI Ministries.

As the Lord of life provides the resources to help build His Kingdom in places like these, GNI Ministries will ensure that each project will be held to the highest possible standards of accountability.

  • Note – As a measure of refining our vision to partner solely with national-led ministries, effective May 31, 2017, GNI Ministries will conclude its partnership with The Garden of Hope (Taw Saeng) ministry in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  For those who wish to connect with the Taw Saeng ministry, please contact Tawsaeng directly or

Our guarantee: 100% of all designated gifts will go to the international partner as designated.