Family of Blessing (Northern Thailand)

We are grateful for our partnership with John and Ann, a Thai couple serving in Chiang Rai province, Thailand.   Through the support that comes from GNI Ministries, they provide full time refuge (housing, food, clothing and education) for 5 children.  They also provide ongoing nurture and support for 4 others outside of the home.  These vulnerable children come from challenging circumstances and could be prime candidates for human trafficking, if it were not for God’s intervention and the loving care they receive from John and Ann.   Best of all, through John and Ann, each of these children is growing in love with Jesus.    


We remain committed to help each of these girls stay safe, gain refuge and get the care as needed.  We also want to continue to give them quality opportunities to grow in their faith relationship with Jesus.  Please join us in support and prayer, as together we counter human trafficking and catalyze community transformation in Northern Thailand.  

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