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Engaging Pia’s Passion to Set People Free

Although it’s been more than a decade since the Dec. 26, 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami devastated the pristine coastline and the villages of Phangnga, Thailand, long-lasting damage remains in the shape of broken lives, leaving people with little hope for the future.

pia_joyfulPia (pronounced “bpeah”) arrived in Phangnga to help in the early days after the tsunami. Since then, she has never lost her heart for championing the poor.  She gave up her business career and willingly entered a life of serving God.  Relying on His provision, Pia willingly lives on very little to help people who have never known the Lord learn what it means to experience His love.  She is a true servant-evangelist in action.

GNI Ministries leaders Rob & Judy first met Pia while serving with MBMSI (now known as MB Mission) in Thailand in early 2007.   In the years that followed, Pia helped support the ministry of the Griffioens and their team called “Operation 2nd Wave” in the Phuket-Phangnga region.

Even though the Griffioen’s eventually moved to a new calling and MB Mission no longer operates in this area of Thailand, Pia still tirelessly serves her people.  Rain or shine, she drives her well-worn Honda motorbike along the Andaman Sea coast line, bringing the Good News to the poor & oppressed in many places in Phangnga & Ranong provinces.  Wherever she goes, this woman of God brings life and laughter.   She’s a well-spring of joy.  People know she’s 100% genuine in serving them, yet totally serious about them get to know and trust Jesus Christ as Lord.

GNI Ministries aims to raise full monthly support to cover Pia’s living & ministry expenses.  This will help herPia - Lam Kaen Church provide for the education, medical costs, skills training of the poor and impoverished people in Lamkaen (Phangnga) and the shunned, marginalized Moken Sea Gypsy people on Ko Chang (Ranong).

Pia represents GNI Ministries as a national consultant in Thailand.  Our vision for getting behind Pia is to help her stay mobile in ministering to the lost.  She, too, has amazing vision for the future.  We invite you to prayerfully consider investing with us to support Pia.

If you have any question or would like more information on supporting Pia, please contact us at