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Serve my God with Every Breath During Troubled Times

Can you imagine living life under an oppressive dictatorship, tasting democracy for a few years only to wake up to a coup and military dictatorship again?  While going about your daily life, especially during a pandemic, this complicates things, leaves many unknowns and creates fear.

While this is the new situation in Myanmar, our Burmese partner, Steve continues his ministry.  Together with his wife, April, he manages a home for 25 children, pastors a growing church and, in the past, has done regular evangelistic forays into the opium producing hills.  While it remains to be seen what effect the new political environment places on these activities, we are grateful for Steve, a man on fulltime mission with God, living out his passion to, “Serve my God with every breath.”  Pray for Steve that he may be able to continue to do so, discipling the church and the children in his home.  Pray for Myanmar and God’s intervention for justice and peace.