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Small Seeds of Faith

Paul served as treasurer on the GNIM board from 2015-2019. We are deeply grateful for the time he spend volunteering in his role with GNI. Paul shared with Traci about why he stepped in to be involved with our ministry.

Traci: What attracted you to becoming a board member with GNIM?

Paul: First, I wanted to gain a better understanding of what was happening in Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines.  Secondly, I wanted to not only get involved personally but start laying a foundation for my family to get involved as well.

Traci: It is important to model missions and powerful to work as a family at that.  What impresses you most about our ministry partners?

Paul: The ministry partners continually impress me with their love for each other and for those around them who are in need.  They are risk-takers and are so willing to follow the Lord’s leading into uncertain situations and relationships.

Traci: That is true!  They challenge me to be a risk-taker where I am, too.  Why do you encourage others to support GNIM?

Paul: I love what GNI is doing!  I think it is very exciting to see how the Holy Spirit moves and it is amazing to have a front row seat to watch what grows from our small seeds of faith. 

Traci: And unless a seed dies, it cannot produce up to 100 times.  What we give God, He multiplies beyond what we could imagine, just like when Jesus fed the 5,000.  What excites you as you look to the future of the ministry?

Paul: I am excited to see where God leads GNI in the coming years, as I feel that we are just on the cusp of something wonderfully thrilling and purposeful. 

Traci: Isn’t that exciting?!  With that in mind, what prayer request is on your heart right now for GNIM and our ministry partners?

Paul: My prayer is that we continue to listen to the Lord and to refine our overall direction and purpose that we can take larger and larger steps of faith following what is being laid before us. 

Traci: Thanks, Paul, for sharing with us today and challenging us to walk in faith and get involved with Good News International Ministries today.

If you are interested in ways that you and your family can get involved with GNIM, consider these ideas: praying, signing up for our prayer newsletters, supplying Bibles and resources in the heart language of the people, teaching English, sponsoring the kids to be able to go to school, doing medical outreaches, providing solar power and clean drinking water, clothing those who don’t have adequate clothing, supporting the causes of justice for those who are real victims, volunteer to help educate others in the prevention, rescue or aftercare of victims of human trafficking and other forms of human exploitation.  We encourage you to email us at, or to discuss your ideas and opportunities.