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Agriculture Endeavors at House of Blessing

In October, the children and staff at House of Blessing planted a variety of vegetables and have already begun to harvest them.  They use pig and chicken manure for fertilizer so that these vegetables are organic.  The benefits are many as the children learn to grow the vegetables, eat healthy, have energy for exercise and their various activities.  This is helping the House of Blessing to become self-sustaining.

They are also raising their own chickens and pigs, with more pigs to come in December.  Julie personally wants to pass on a big thank you to the church who has prayed and followed God’s direction in leading them to donate to the pig project.  Julie says they truly feel loved by the church.  The staff at HOB have worked hard to buy food for the pigs, plant bamboo trees and prepare before they purchase the pigs in December.

Please pray for the staff as one of them takes on the role of overseeing all the agriculture endeavours.  Praise God for healthy food and children who are excited to learn and help.