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What Moves You in 2023?

What MOVES you? 2023 Challenge

Here’s a little encouragement from my amazing wife Judy.

Inspired and motivated!

How exciting to enter another new year and set new goals and aspire to grow deeper in faith and knowing Jesus. In my younger years, I Judy, had asked God for the gift of discipline. Without discipline its interesting how destructive patterns can sneak up on us in our every day life. Today I love discipline, and I am inspired by others who love a disciplined life.


*Steve (name changed for protection), is one of those guys who inspires us. He not only has a humble, kind, caring heart for his family and neighbours, but he is a very hard worker. He simply loves working because it’s how you do life. Full of joy, always thankful, he is a shining light in his village as helps others, and continues to share the Good News of Jesus.


*Steve’s life is such an excellent example to all the children they are raising in their Uncountable Grace home. It was mid November, 2022 and after drawing up a plan and counting the costs, He shared with us that it was time for him to build a new dormitory for the 16 boys in his home. It had now become important to him and the other leaders to keep the boys and girls separate as they are growing into young adults. Being the perfect time to build with dry season just beginning, they took that step of faith.


At the same time that *Steve started his building foundation in faith (with his own savings), a family friend asked if we had any projects that needed funding. Inspired by this timely interception of God, we sent our friend the details that *Steve sent us.  He encouraged *Steve to go bigger on his project and he would cover 75%, encouraging other builders to come along side this build.  This shows how God works and is blessing our ministry.


‘MOVE CAMPAIGN’ 40 days- 40 hours- 40 participants

What is your New Year goal and aspirations for 2023? I’m sure yours is much like mine; To know Jesus even more than the year before, because the more we know Him, the more we naturally will trust Him, and the more we trust Him, the more He transforms our minds. Romans 12.


This year I would like to challenge you to our 40 day MOVE CAMPAIGN.

Because I need to keep moving and sustain a cardio type of exercise each day in order to lower my pain levels, I thought it would be encouraging to have 40 people join me for 40 days of this new year of 2023. It was after the suggestion of my doctor recently, that I need to make a new goal for this year as the training toward a goal helps stimulate neuron growth and health.


My goal is for 40 days I will swim one hour, and log my distance.  Lord willing, I will be traveling to Thailand with Rob on February 10th. Before leaving I want to swim at least 40 km. And I am looking to find 40 participants that would either do some kind of MOVE goal with me each day for 40 days. OR sponsor me a loonie, toonie or the ‘price’ of a Starbuck’s coffee a kilometre. This would help cover the costs of our GNI trip to Thailand in order for us to do more ministry development among our partners.


If you are reading this and would consider joining me, please email us at and let us know your plans. I would be so encouraged to have a team around me as I do this vital therapy for 40 days.



May the joy of the Lord fill your life more and more as you start off 2023!’