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November Birthday Celebration

Every child loves to be remembered on their birthday-even adults do, although we sometimes don’t want to count the years.  It makes us feel special to be remembered.  Furthermore, it gives us reason to pause and thank God for another year of His grace and blessings.  Everyone at the House of Blessing gathers around the birthday people and prays for them.  Often, in Thailand, they all pray at once, thanking God and laying out their requests.

This month, Amber baked special cakes and the kids were all able to go to a Korean BBQ restaurant-one of their favourites!  Each individual goes to the smorgasboard and chooses the meats, vegetables and noodles they want to cook.  On each table, a BBQ is placed-the bottom has coals and the top has a dome to cook the meat and a moat around the edge to cook the vegetables and noodles.