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Changing Communities for the Better

Sometimes, as a donor, I wonder what difference the money I give really makes.  Let me assure you that the quarterly reports that come to Good News International from our overseas ministry partners make me excited that much is being accomplished!  Let me share a few highlights from Thailand.

Your funds are used for daily life, school, meals for the kids both at school and home.  These parents build up and disciple the children so that when they return to their villages, or wherever they go after graduation, they will have a good impact in their own communities.  We see this with our first girls who are sponsored to go to university or have graduated from nurse’s aid training. 

I am also amazed at how generous our partners are when they have so little.  They have been known to help cover costs for a grandmother with kidney disease or help a family send their children back to their school dormitory so they can continue their studies.  Sharing Christ with others is their focus as they travel to several villages for Christmas outreaches and weekly ministry.

It’s hard to place a monetary value on the relationships that our ministry partners form with others as they teach guitar to those who want to serve on a worship team.  Other times they counsel individuals and celebrate when they see people freed from addictions.  Their hearts break when, sometimes, the temptation proves too great and some stumble back into their addictions.  The fight also continues as our partners pray for people who have been trafficked and teach others how to stay safe, to protect people around them as well as their families from being trafficked. 

While the cost of a meal for one child may only be a dollar or two, seeing a child grow in her faith or a grandmother venture forward to receive prayer and inquire about God is priceless!