Despite Another Coup, Never Give Up Hope

(originally posted in February 2021)

A few short weeks ago we penned the words: “Against the tightening restrictions and COVID-19 breakouts seemingly not slowing down, we nonetheless hope for good things to happen in 2021. Political tensions are in the news every day. The Good News, is that despite this chaos, God is still on the throne. Not only this, He cares for us.”

This truth will never change, even though on February 1, 2021, the Myanmar military seized power in a coup against the democratically elected government. While this website is not a political platform, for anyone who has been in Myanmar (Burma), you would have seen how fragile things are for most of the population there. For the vast majority of them, this is a tremendous setback. Our ministry partners recently communicated that there is much fear in the land. They know what it was like being under a military dictatorship before. Having a democratically elected government gave them new hope for the future of their country; however, many have learned that true hope is found only in Jesus, for He alone is the hope of the world. We ask that you will join us in prayer for Myanmar.

Father in heaven, we pray for Myanmar.  We pray first of all that you will protect your bride, the Church, in this much troubled country.  We pray for peace and that evildoers will remove their unjust grip from power.  We pray that you would bless our partners and their ministry there.  Keep them and the many other ministries that have prospered these last few years in your loving hands.  No matter what, continue to build your Kingdom in Myanmar so that many may continue to grow in relationship with you. We pray this in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ, amen.

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