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Children’s Rights and Protection

House of Blessing is located in an area rife with abuse, drugs and human trafficking.  Since the children at HOB come from vulnerable home situations and many of them return home briefly for the summer school break, it is great to see their leaders take the initiative in training the children to know their rights and learning how to protect themselves from others who might try to abuse them.  This training session took place at the HOB meeting room and was led by Think Small Foundation, a Thai non-profit foundation who teach from a Christian perspective.  The children are now more aware of what is happening around them and can be a positive influence in their town and school, helping to protect themselves and others.

Furthermore, the adult leadership training event in February also focused on the topic of Child Protection Program and how to do outreach in the school and communities.  There were 22 leaders who attended (10 churches and 2 foundations).  This session taught leaders who are working with children to be aware of child rights and protection so they will know how to protect both the children they work with as well as themselves.  This would be like many of our churches who implement a safe place policy for child and youth workers.  Children are a gift from God and are to be protected as they learn to glorify God.