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The Impact of Missions on a Family

Traci: Welcome, Jen Janzen, to our blog!  What impacted you most on your recent trip to Thailand?

Jen: There were many things!  Along with all the amazing stories we have, I would say that hearing first hand some of the stories of pain from others we met outside of HOB was very impactful.  Seeing with my own eyes how rampant human trafficking is in this area also affected me.  But then, on the flip side, seeing how the House of Blessing team are building relationships in the villages and how God is moving towards bringing more people to health and freedom is exciting!  It felt like I was on the frontlines of a war and we were winning battles here and there, such as the night we showed the powerful anti-human trafficking film.  God’s power is so evident, and I can see Him working in all kinds of ways and I know He has plans to set more people free from spiritual and physical bondage!

It was also very impactful seeing how well the House of Blessing kids are doing!  The new property that they are on seems ideal and the new houseparents, John and Ann, are so fantastic with the kids.  The House of Blessing kids continue to amaze me with how well they are doing. They rise to challenges and are so passionate and eager to share their faith with people who don’t yet know Jesus, especially at the village outreaches.  To see how God has taken these kids from at-risk or abusive environments and given them a new life where they are joyful and thriving in Him is so incredible.  From last year when we visited them until now, we can see much growth in their spiritual lives, leadership skills, and interpersonal skills with one another.  Plus, many of them now know how to speak English quite a bit better!  We love these kids so much and are so blessed that God has connected us with them and this ministry.