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The Miracle 21 Campaign

Is Jesus calling you to "take up your mat and walk?" Judy Griffioen has suffered with an intensive neurological condition (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) for four years.  CRPS brought some significant life changes and a truckload of intensive pain into Judy’s life.  The neurological pain travels throughout her body, attacking her nerve sheaths and making life a huge challenge.  What has got her through this is her deep faith in God.  She is also deeply grateful for the team of medical experts God has placed in her life. One thing Judy loves is running.  For her, running is a total release. When she runs, she worships God ...

Meet Patrick from Uncountable Grace

Patrick wanted to go to school but nobody could afford to send him.

Using Few Resources for Utmost (Bunk Beds for Myanmar)

With a few resources and a little labour, Uncountable Grace has new bunk beds!

Ministry on the Grow in Myanmar

S&A* work hard because they know that it will take a generation to implement change.