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A Father to the Fatherless

Separation anxiety is a real thing and every parent can relate stories of the time they left their toddler with a babysitter and the child cried and cried as the parents left. Every parent reassured the child that they would be back soon. But what if the parents didn’t return?

That’s what happened to Noah* and Nathan,* who are now ten and six years old respectively. Three years ago, their dad, who was a drug addict, disappeared and never returned. They don’t know if he is alive or dead. Shortly after this, their mother and their youngest sister went to China and they have not heard back from them or seen them since. Noah and Nathan were living with their grandmother, who is 70 years old. Since she didn’t have her own place to live, she remarried but now their new grandfather does not want the boys to stay with them because he cannot afford to feed them or send them to school.

The grandmother loves her grandchildren and searched for a Christian leader to take her grandchildren. During one of Steve’s* (GNI leader) evangelism trips, he went to investigate the story and, finding it was true, he offered to take the children to live with him. If he could not take them, the grandmother would have found someone else and Steve and April* felt God tell them to rescue these vulnerable boys. Please pray for these boys to know that they are loved by Steve and April and God, their true Father.

*Names changed to protect identity.