Thailand’s Outcry Against School Rape

Many girls around the world are afraid to go to school because they are raped along the way.  In Thailand, it is so common that children are raped at school that no one seems to speak out or do anything about it.  That is, until May 2020 when 5 teachers and two alumni were accused of allegedly gang-raping two students, age 14 and 16, several times over the past year.  Their fellow staff members defended them on social media, which shows how strong nepotism is in the school system.  However, the public outcry has been immense and has demanded that education professionals and politicians take action to ensure safety at school.  You can read more about this particular case at and

Our ministry partners in Thailand have also suspected similar cases and work tirelessly to develop relationships with those around them and create safe places for children to talk.  They teach families what it looks like to live as a family with Godly values, respecting both males and females and remaining sexually pure. 

Please pray for our ministry partners as they model this life and reach out to others.  Pray for justice in this case and for the healing of these girls.  Pray for Thai culture to shift to one of safety and purity, especially as officials work towards prevention.