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Counter, Catalyze and Connect

The year of 2019 was a big year for GNI Ministries.  We amicably released our Filipino ministry as we could no longer support them, and we are excited to see them flourishing.  We went from an institutional model to several family homes caring for the children in our care in northern Thailand.  While we believe this is a Godly model to follow, it happened in a traumatic way as our Thai leaders stepped away from our partnership.  However, we celebrate as God provided Godly leaders and parents for our continued Thai ministry.  We celebrate with our leadership in the country to the north as their home with children flourishes, as does their ministry to the hill tribes and as a new church leader is about ready to step out on his own.

Due to the refocusing from Southeast Asia to the Golden Triangle in specific as well as the other changes in our ministry, the board decided to meet for a retreat in January 2020 to discern what God says GNI’s thumbprint really is.  We are excited that God has shown us a clear path forward for our ministry: to bring a fresh message of Godly purity to the nations.  Our way forward in bringing the Good News of Jesus to the poor & oppressed involves three action verbs: counter, catalyze and connect.  We continue to be anti-human-trafficking, and so we counter it at its source.  We catalyze community transformation by bringing life change at the family level and sharing the gospel.  And we connect by networking with other agencies and leaders to help bring the message of godly purity to the nations. 

Why is this message of Godly purity so important?  Because it is counter-cultural and not being taught.  For example, here is one situation that woke Rob and Judy up to how corrupt the mindset of people can be.  This situation happened years ago and involved a 14-year-old girl we called “Joy.”  Her two older sisters were being prostituted in a local brothel (one was the brothel manager).  Joy’s parents wanted her to become a prostitute as well, as it provided them a lucrative way to support their vices.  One day, her father, an army soldier, tried to sell her to a fellow soldier.  Joy escaped and ran across the town to the safe house where she was taken in and given refuge.  Joy never became a prostitute and by God’s grace, now she is an educated teacher and loves Jesus. God’s Word changes lives!

This situation shows both the importance of teaching Godly purity to a culture and the hope and power of God’s Word.  We cannot do it without your prayers as you intercede on behalf of our workers and those they are ministering to.  Thank you for your prayers and support as we press on in this calling.